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Anniversary Celebrations

An anniversary is commonly associated with weddings. Married persons who regard the date of their marriage as important may mark the yearly date of their wedding in some special way.

Broader groups in society, especially the families, and even more especially the children of such a couple, may help to celebrate such occasions; this is particularly common on the 40th, 50th, and 60th annivs.

Retailers (especially jewellers), sensing a profit opportunity, have encouraged gift-giving on such special days, and may often suggest a hierarchy of types of gifts to reflect the importance of longer years of marriage (and perhaps of greater ability to purchase more expensive gifts).

Anniversary Card

The Warmth of a Homemade Anniversary Card

Anniversary Cards are great to give and to receive. Wives and husbands feel a great warmth when an anniversary card is received for an anniversary occasion or just for fun. Running down to the corner market or local gift shop to find that anniversary card, you scan the racks for the perfectly worded card. You check your watch - time is running out, because you've waited till the last minute. You pick one up and the saying is too syrupy or the anniversary card has an inappropriate picture but an otherwise perfect saying. You scratch your head, thinking this isn't working, and then you notice the perfect card. You anticipate the verse inside, knowing it is going to be just what you wanted. You eagerly pick up the anniversary card. You just know it is the right one. Once opened, your anticipation is dealt a heavy blow. There isn't anything in the anniversary card. It's a blank! Now you've got to work over time trying to think of the appropriate words. Usually you'll want something light and romantic.

With a computer and computer crafting programs you can eliminate the rush, anticipation and the disappointment. There are plenty of ready-made anniversary card templates to choose from with graphics and verses. You can even change them around if you like. Also, you can search the Internet for sayings and clip-art images from clip-art sites. You can personalize your own anniversary card in the privacy of your own home, without the waste of gas, long lines and overpaying for a card that "just isn't right."

With you and your spouse's anniversary day coming up, it is an ideal time to start thinking of cards for your lifemate. You can choose your paper, embellishments and delivery style. You can have the luxury of leaving the computer to think about what you want to say, come back and write it, delete it and start over. This becomes a creation from your heart.

A homemade anniversary card that will be cherished. You can make booklets with sayings about love and marriage, put together an anniversary card with images of famous couples or mythological lovers on them. You can make matching bookmarks and magnets to make the card a little more special and unique. It is a personalized anniversary gift from the heart and the hands of a loved one. Anniversary Cards say more than just the verse put inside them; they are a symbol of care, hope, love, happiness and sometimes just a good laugh through the years husbands and wives have spent together.

With the opportunity to do it in your home you don't have to be pressured, unless you wait until the last minute, like some do. Oh well, some people do their best work under pressure. But that doesn't mean that the love and work that goes into making a homemade anniversary card is any less.

The homemade anniversary cards given to me by my children and my husband are the keepers, because I can feel the love and work that went into the creation of that card. Cherish those homemade anniversary cards with your heart; they are made from the heart.

Recreated from an article by Anna Morvee at

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