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anniversary limousine, westchester limousine
Celebrate your anniversary with a special limousine ride from Westchester Limousine. Rent a limousine now!

Anniversary Celebrations

An anniversary is commonly associated with weddings. Married persons who regard the date of their marriage as important may mark the yearly date of their wedding in some special way.

Broader groups in society, especially the families, and even more especially the children of such a couple, may help to celebrate such occasions; this is particularly common on the 40th, 50th, and 60th annivs.

Retailers (especially jewellers), sensing a profit opportunity, have encouraged gift-giving on such special days, and may often suggest a hierarchy of types of gifts to reflect the importance of longer years of marriage (and perhaps of greater ability to purchase more expensive gifts).

Anniversary Present for the Couple

Suggested Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas for Young Couples

from Send Anniversary Gifts

Select a wedding anniversary present that exudes an unmatched joy to the receive and impart experiences that make a unique and unusual anniversary gift idea. A lovely wedding anniversary present gives a feeling of "That's just what I wanted". Here are few wedding anniversary present ideas that can make a perfect gift for you and your spouse.

Paper: Magazine subscription, book, cookbook, stationery, photograph album, grocery bag of paper products (made from recycled paper perhaps), playing cards, tickets to special event, gift certificate, coupon for yard or housework, bridge tallies, matching party napkins and paper plates, sheet music "green paper" (currency).

Furniture: Occasional table or chair, desk, bookshelves, folding table and chairs, TV trays, mattresses, gift certificate to furniture store.

Cotton : Matching T-shirts, shirts, or nightshirts; sheets or pillowcases, place mats and napkins; cotton hammock; a crocheted ornament or item; tote bag; handmade Christmas tree skirt or stocking; throw pillow; quilt or afghan; bath set; apron; beach towel; handkerchiefs (monogrammed); how about cotton candy?

China: Bud vase, candy dish; serving dish, cup and saucer, or any piece in their pattern; china flowers; china painting on a trivet or plate; gift certificate to Chinese restaurant.

Crystal, glass: Set of glasses (see Anniversary Gift Ideas for all kinds), pitcher, hand or wall mirror, bud vase, glass Christmas tree ornament, bottle of wine, candy dish, salt and pepper shakers, coasters, glass baking dishes, stained glass window ornament or lamp, candle holders, parfait or sherbet glasses, dressing table set, kaleidoscope, crystal collectible figurine, picture frame; how about a liquid crystal display (LCD) watch or calculator?

Flowers: Dried, silk, or cloth flowers; bouquet of real or chocolate flowers; rose bush or other flowering plant or bulb for the garden; hanging basket or potted plant; art print or notecards with flowers or fruit on them

Silk: Silk pillowcases, sheets, pajamas, gloves, underwear, shirt or blouse.

Silverware: Silver or silverplate flatware (serving piece or odd piece like iced tea spoon or grapefruit spoon in their flatware pattern), tray or trivet, pendant, napkin rings, candle holder, thimble. See Silver Gift Ideas for more suggestions.

Desk sets: Pencil holder, electric pencil sharpener, paperweight, desk picture frame or picture of couple or family for desk, calendar, desk organizer, bookends for desk, pen and pencil set, computer accessories.

Pottery: Pottery or ceramic dishware (in their pattern), pitcher, bowl, wind chimes, flower pot, cookie jar or jam jar, figurine.

Lace: Lacy lingerie, blouse, handkerchief, sachet, dresser scarf; lace-trimmed pillow or dresser scarf; lace collar.

Diamond jewelry: Pin, watch, brooch, pendant, ring, earrings, necklace.

Fashion jewelry: Pendant with initial, special religious or hobby symbol; neck chains, earrings.

Pearls: Pearl earrings, choker, pendant; mother-of-pearl inlaid box or jewelry.

Platinum: Jewelry, watch

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