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Anniversary Celebrations

An anniversary is commonly associated with weddings. Married persons who regard the date of their marriage as important may mark the yearly date of their wedding in some special way.

Broader groups in society, especially the families, and even more especially the children of such a couple, may help to celebrate such occasions; this is particularly common on the 40th, 50th, and 60th annivs.

Retailers (especially jewellers), sensing a profit opportunity, have encouraged gift-giving on such special days, and may often suggest a hierarchy of types of gifts to reflect the importance of longer years of marriage (and perhaps of greater ability to purchase more expensive gifts).

Sexy Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sexy Anniversary Gift Ideas

One of the main ingredients of a long-lasting marriage is a great sex life. Many couples swear by this part of their marriage life. "To love and to cherish" goes beyond warm hugs and kisses. That's why every time the matrimonial date comes up, many couples choose to present their spouses with sexy anniversary gift ideas. Here are some of them.

sexy gift, sexy anniversary gift"Dessert's on me, hon!"

What happens next after that romantic anniversary dinner? Sex? Uh-uh not yet! Why not try dessert first? Have a lickin' good chocolate dessert... on your mate! Try a jar of Chocolate Body Paint. It's the perfect sexy anniversary gift to top off a romantic evening. Rich, chocolate sauce is made from gourmet French dark chocolate. The 8 oz. jar is personalized with a tempting message from you with up to 5 lines, 18 characters each line. Paintbrush is included. It's not just for Valentine's Day. This is also an ideal sexy anniversary gift. (Tastes good on ice cream, too.) Note: Messages that are deemed obscene will not be processed by the company.

Find more info on this sexy anniversary gift at Personal Creations.

sexy gift, sexy anniversary giftA Naughty Weekend for Two

The Naughty Weekend Kit is the perfect sexy anniversary gift idea to spice up your love life. The Naughty Weekend Kit is a very tasteful box of goodies like Red Velvet Blindfold, Red Tickling Feather, Angelic Body Dust, Tender Kissing Glaze, Vetiver Massage Oil, Honeycake Soap, 2 bags of Love Soak, and Instructions for a Naughty Weekend (if you need them!).

The idea for this sexy anniversary gift, Naughty Weekend Kit, is that you take a shower together and use the honeycake soap to get all clean and nice smelling, then cover each other's body with the body dust using the feather. Move onto the kissing glaze and put that in strategic areas and kiss or lick off!

By now you'll be pretty sticky so take a long bath using the love soak - which will release petals and ylang ylang (a reknowned aphrodisiac) unto the bath, dry each other off and finish with the massage oil. Reach the peak with lots more kissing and fall asleep in each others arms (or not as the case may be) It's the ideal sexy anniversary gift idea we're sure you'll like!

Find more info on this sexy anniversary gift at Find Me A Gift - UK.

sexy gift, sexy anniversary giftKama Sutra Indulgence

A variation on the Naughty Weekend Kit is the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit. A weekend away should always come complete with a sexy anniversary gift idea, including travel-size portions of The Original Oil of Love, Love Liquid, passion-sustaining Spearmint Pleasure Balm, silky Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and edible Honey Dust with a feather applicator. Sure fire favorites for those experienced in the joys of Kama Sutra, or a perfect introduction for anyone in the mood for new adventures.

The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit contains: Kama Sutra Original Oil of Love, .25 oz., Spearmint Pleasure Balm, Mint Tree Bathing Gel and Love Liquid. Each Kama Sutra Honey Dust is 9 grams.

Find more info on this sexy anniversary gift at

sexy gift, sexy anniversary giftSensual Massage

Exotic Ylang Ylang Massage Oil naturally arouses and stimulates the senses with sultry floral notes tinged with spice while a Mini Sensual Massage Book sends hands wandering in all the right directions.

This sexy anniversary gift arrives in a pink box wrapped with a decorative floral patterned sleeve and tied with a ribbon. Gift Includes: 3.4 fl. oz. Ylang Ylang Massage Oil, Handy Massager, Mini Sensual Massage Book.

Find more info on this sexy anniversary gift at

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