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Bachelor Party

bachelor party special for the boysA bachelor party (also called a stag party, stag night (UK, Ireland and Canada), or bucks party (Australia)) is held for a groom-to-be shortly before he is married, to make the most of his final opportunity to engage in activities a new wife might not approve of, or merely to spend time bonding with his male friends. This kind of party may involve activities such as going to a strip club, hiring a female stripper or escort, drinking alcohol and gambling.

The task of organizing this pre-wedding party is often assigned to a male sibling of the groom-to-be. And in the absence of a male sibling, a male friend will organize it. The task often falls to the best man as well.

The tradition is thought to have originated with a bachelor dinner that was traditional in ancient Sparta.

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Bachelor Party Planner

Bachelor Party Planner Advice:
Setting Your Limits for the Big Night

Even though you and your best man have been dreaming about your bachelor party since high school, your bride might have some other ideas. Don't wreck your marriage before your wedding – set some limits and talk to your bride about your plans. Being your own bachelor party planner can be easy when a plan is set and everybody knew the limits of what they can do and what is permissible. The following are some basic bachelor party planner advice for the best man and the groom.

Agree on the date. Get your best man and her maid of honor to work together so your bachelor party happens on the same night as her bachelorette party. That way, nobody's sitting at home, worrying about what the other person's up to. Whatever you do, don't set the date for the night before the wedding. Nobody wants to see you stumble down the aisle, except maybe your future mother-in-law.

Set the guest list. Are any of your friends or relatives notoriously bad influences? If there’s someone in your life that might try to hijack the bachelor party to someplace dangerous, consider enjoying a private, celebratory lunch instead. Your bride and your other guests will thank you.

Talk about the possibilities. Contrary to the advertising slogan, things don't always stay in Vegas. Your bride might be horrified by some of the things your best man could be planning. Take her out to a nice picnic lunch or somewhere else that's private enough so you can talk about what's on your dirty, dirty mind without the chance of anyone getting locked in a bedroom closet, or worse.

Get clear about strippers and sex. Your vision of the perfect bachelor party might envision things that she would never have imagined. If you're planning on watching some skin, or even thinking about doing some touching, make it known before your bride finds out about it. Don't think she won't, either. Groomsmen have a bad habit of blabbing to bridesmaids.

Don't blame it on the boys. Remember that your bachelor party is about you, not your guests. So if you and your wife agree to tone down the festivities, bring your best man into the loop before he plans the world's biggest stripper-ganza. Even if your guests gripe and moan and call you "whipped," who cares? You're the one who gets the girl!

Set the budget. Though your buddies will cover most of the expenses, you'll still end up tipping drivers, waitresses, and strippers. Get a good idea from your best man of how much cash you'll need to bring to your bachelor party. Withdraw that much, plus twenty-five percent extra as a contingency, and bring it as cash. Put your credit card in the freezer, and leave home without it. That way, your bride doesn't see unexpected charges for bottles or Cristal or casino markers.

Write it all down. Too many couples drive straight from the reception to a marriage counselor's office, with the groom screaming, "You said it would be okay!" Once you and your bride agree to the ground rules for your bachelor party, put it in writing and give each other a copy. If you do something that she later regrets agreeing to, you might still end up in therapy. At least you'll have the proof that she gave you the green light. Be a good boy and honor what you wrote down, unless you want to see her hightail it out of town with half of your stuff.

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