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Bachelor Party

bachelor party special for the boysA bachelor party (also called a stag party, stag night (UK, Ireland and Canada), or bucks party (Australia)) is held for a groom-to-be shortly before he is married, to make the most of his final opportunity to engage in activities a new wife might not approve of, or merely to spend time bonding with his male friends. This kind of party may involve activities such as going to a strip club, hiring a female stripper or escort, drinking alcohol and gambling.

The task of organizing this pre-wedding party is often assigned to a male sibling of the groom-to-be. And in the absence of a male sibling, a male friend will organize it. The task often falls to the best man as well.

The tradition is thought to have originated with a bachelor dinner that was traditional in ancient Sparta.

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Montreal Bachelor Party

Sin Cite

During the day, Montreal poses as a historic and beautiful city with unique European flair. However, when the evening arrives so does the city's sinful side. Montreal puts the post-card-like imagery aside and transforms into Sin Cite, abundant with debauchery and indulgences able to entice any male. The kind of stuff that would make your parents cover your eyes. No matter your sexual vice, Montreal has it and flaunts it right in front of you like a treat in front of the dog you'll become. However, instead of you having to roll over and beg for a treat to be thrown your way, it is as if the entire cookie jar lies shattered on the floor and no one is around to impede your carnal desires. Don't look at the locals in the hopes of receiving an evil eye to ground yourself; in their eyes, there is nothing sinful about enjoying life's pleasures. In fact, the only sin is denying yourself the urges that make you a man.

Outsiders may portray the city as Sodom and Gomorra, but sexe is as much part of the Montreal culture as hockey and Celine Dion. Much of this can be attributed to the French cultural influence (very same one that has been characterized by tongue-to-tongue contact) - they embrace the erotic arts rather than shun them. Thankfully, the city is able to see the true beauty in an ass and a pair of breasts ... umm, I mean women ... using a brass pole and Def Leppard to artistically express themselves. Thus, Montreal has become a haven for the erotic, and the city has taken steps to preserve the dying art. Downtown Montreal is home to over 40 sexual theaters (Montreal strip clubs), ensuring accessibility for citizens and visitors to experience eroticism first-hand … unlike other cities, whose ideals have placed numerous restrictions on artistic expression. This vast array of strip clubs allows patrons an experience not typically found in North America, one of both quantity and quality.

In Montreal there are two different and important categories one has to consider when selecting a strip club: non-contact and full-contact. Non-contact is the type of club that most visitors are familiar with, one in which (during dances) they must act like they are sipping tea with the Queen of England, sitting properly while keeping their hands to themselves under the watchful eye of the bouncer. Non-contact strip clubs are best-suited to Mormon’s, Alter boys, or anyone who has never seen a naked woman. Coming to Montréal to visit a NC strip club is like going to Amsterdam to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Sadly, each year, thousands of misguided visitors are lured to Montreal’s well-known NC strip clubs; a true tragedy, considering that for the same prices one can experience the full-contact clubs next door. Oddly, FC dances are the same price as NC dances. Full-contact, better described as “two-hand touch,” refers to the style of dance the patron receives. All FC dances are private; you sit in booth-like cubical (whose view is way better than the one you’re probably stuck in now) while the dancer performs for you. Patrons are allowed, and encouraged, to get a hands-on during the show. One is able and free to grab (pardon my French) tits and ass as much as they please. It is typically frowned upon to peruse the dancer’s groin region. All of this might prove quite shocking to newcomers who typically expect bodily injury resulting from such actions. Best of all, FC dances will only run you $10-$15 CND per song. Patrons are NOT expected to tip - a common mistake made by many visitors - as all revenue goes directly to the performers

Now that the quantity and price issues have been addressed, some of you may still be inquiring about quality of such institutions, and rightfully so; nobody wants to caress a body full of cellulite and veins on a woman resembling Star Jones, no matter how affordable. Fortunately, you will not find this to be the case at Montreal strip clubs. Due to unfathomable numbers of attractive girls, coupled with the lowest average household income in Canada, Montreal’s strip clubs are full of beautiful woman just looking to pay their way through school and start their own fashion business … or a gateway to porno. Additionally, most patrons will find that Montreal strippers are a lot more genuine and less demanding than your typical performer; they respect their patron’s space and right to choose. It is not uncommon for girls to spend time getting to know patrons, free from financial intentions.

In the end, Montreal provides a dynamic and sinfully-delightful, yet oft-overlooked, strip club experience that. Be warned! After visiting Montreal strip clubs, all others will pale in comparison and make you feel like you’re in a museum.

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