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Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party, westchester limousine

In the United States, it has become a common practice for bachelorette parties to consist of a bar tour combined with a scavenger hunt, which usually has a risque or erotic theme. The bride-to-be is invariably dressed in some fashion so that everyone in the bar instantly recognizes her as being the subject of the hen party. Usually, she will be wearing a wedding veil and a t-shirt, which is to be signed by guys she and her friends meet in the bars that night. The bachelorette is usually quite intoxicated by the end of the night, as both her friends and the guys she meets in the bars will continuously buy her drinks.

In some American bars, it is not unusual to see several bachelorette parties held on the same night night on summer weekends. Occasionally the girls, drunk and loud, would fight.

In Canada, a hen party is often known by the term "stagette".

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Bachelorette Party Male Stripper

More than the food and drinks, it’s the entertainment that makes or breaks a bachelorette bash. It is therefore very important to find the right kind of entertainment appropriate to the party’s theme, and suitable to the preferences of the bride-to-be and her guests. Here are three ideas that are guaranteed to keep every type of audience amused.
Romantic movies are the cheapest and most convenient bachelorette party entertainment – just buy some popcorn and watch sappy movies that remind the bride of her love story. Stick to stories with happy endings – the cheesier, the better. This kind of entertainment is best for intimate ‘pajama’ bachelorette parties held at a close friend’s home.
Take everyone to a concert of the bride-to-be’s favorite singer and then head out to a favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks (and maybe some low-key dancing). This option is a little pricier, but is perfect if you want a fun and laid-back night out with close girlfriends. Check the entertainment sections of the newspapers and specialty magazines for concert schedules.
If you’re ready for all-girl naughtiness, then watch a male stripper bachelorette party in action! You can either hire a male bachelorette party stripper to come to the bachelorette party venue, or go to a strip club to see several of them strut their stuff. You can easily get in touch with professional male bachelorette party strippers through Websites (log on to the ones with pictures of the male strippers bachelorette party so you can pick one that the bride will find attractive). Bachelorette party stripper services go from about $200 and up. Be sure to reserve early, because they do run out during peak months (June and December).
Remember that this kind of bachelorette party, a male stripper bachelorette party, entertainment is great for an open-minded bride and a young and spirited audience, but if you plan on inviting older, more conservative women (like the bride’s grandmother or future mother-in-law), stick to something more wholesome.
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