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Baptism Day

Today, water baptism is most readily identified with Christianity, where it symbolizes the cleansing (remission) of sins, and the union of the believer with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection so that he becomes one of Christ's Faithful. Most Christian groups practice some form of literal water-based baptism and agree that it is important, yet strongly disagree with other groups regarding any or all of several aspects of baptism, such as:

* form of the baptism
* recipients of baptism
* meaning/effects of the act of baptism

However, a few Christian groups assert that water-based baptism has been supplanted by the promised baptism of the Holy Spirit, and water baptism was unnecessarily carried over from the early Jewish Christian practice.

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Baptism Gift

So, you're wondering what would be the perfect baby baptism gift for a baby since you've been invited to celebrate this precious spiritual occasion.

If you are like me, you are looking for that perfect, unique baby baptism gift idea that will put a smile on the faces of the parents as they open it. It's always so rewarding when you see how genuinely delighted the person is with your baby baptism gift. It's make you feel good that you chose something they really love.

Since a baby's baptism is such a special event, you might want to consider giving a gift that will become a treasured memory of this celebration for years to come. A personalized baptism gift is a great choice since it will be engraved with the baby's name and the date. This is a terrific way for the baby to always remember their baptismal day when he or she officially became a member of God's family.

Here is a list of just some of the wonderful baptism gift ideas available that will create a lifetime keepsake for the baby.

- Engraved Picture Frame - Provides a great way to display a favorite photo of the baby in their baptism outfit on their special day.

- Cross Necklace - A baby's first cross necklace will complement any outfit on their baptism day and can become a treasured family heirloom for future generations. Presented in a personalized keepsake box will make it even more of a memento.

- Children's Bible - What a great way for the child to learn Bible stories especially when the illustrations are meant to appeal to children. Some versions can even be personalized on the front cover and are packaged as a keepsake.

- Cross Plaque - Hanging on the child's bedroom wall, it's the perfect reminder that they are a member of God's family. Many varieties are available including porcelain and wood. A cross might show a boy or girl praying or it might display a prayer along with the child's name.

- Personalized Photo Album - Provides a terrific way to showcase all the cherished photos from this special occasion.

- Embroidered Baptism Afghan - Throws are quite popular these days so why not give one that is personalized and commemorates the baby's baptism day.

- Prayer Teddy Bear - A truly unique stuffed animal from which the child can learn the prayer it recites.

Giving a keepsake baptism gift is a wonderful way to honor the memory of this special Christian celebration as the child grows, both physically and spiritually.

About the Author
Sara Haese is the owner of where you'll find great ideas for a christening and baptism gift as well as gowns and outfits, accessories, invitations, favors, cakes, godparent gifts, godchild gifts, etc.

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