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Baptism Day

Today, water baptism is most readily identified with Christianity, where it symbolizes the cleansing (remission) of sins, and the union of the believer with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection so that he becomes one of Christ's Faithful. Most Christian groups practice some form of literal water-based baptism and agree that it is important, yet strongly disagree with other groups regarding any or all of several aspects of baptism, such as:

* form of the baptism
* recipients of baptism
* meaning/effects of the act of baptism

However, a few Christian groups assert that water-based baptism has been supplanted by the promised baptism of the Holy Spirit, and water baptism was unnecessarily carried over from the early Jewish Christian practice.

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Baptism Invitation

Christening or baptism invitations are one of the most important elements of your celebration since they provide your guests with all the necessary details of the occasion. Saving one of them will also give you a great souvenir whether it's framed, placed in a memory album, or included in a scrapbook.
TIP - It's always less expensive to include a few extra invitations with your original order than to buy a small quantity later.

When buying your christening or baptism announcements, be sure to order a few extra to allow for guests you might think of later and for possible envelope addressing errors. Be sure to also save a few as keepsakes.


# Baby's Name
# Parents' Names
# Date and Time of Baptism or Christening Ceremony
# Location Name and Address
# Time and Location of Party (if separate from ceremony) - on some styles this information can be listed as a left corner copy to appear at the bottom of the christening or baptism invite. If there isn't enough room on the invitation itself, you could include a separate reception card but this could cost you more in postage due to the extra weight not to mention the cost of another printed card.

Sample baptism and christening invitation verses can be found by visiting This website has an enormous selection of sample verses for all occasions.


Depending on how formal your ceremony and celebration will be and how many guests you are inviting, you might want to include some type of RSVP within the invitation. This can range from placing your phone number at the bottom of the invitation to actually including a separate response card that would be mailed back by your guests. Having your guests RSVP will help you plan for both seating and food arrangements, especially if you're inviting quite a few guests.

When ordering christening or baptism invitations through a printer, some of the styles will have a matching response card available. If you do include a separate response card, be sure to place a postage stamp on its accompanying envelope. Your address will already be printed on the envelope so your guests can easily mail it back and it won't cost them anything.


Here again, many styles of christening and baptism invitations ordered through printers have matching informal note cards that can be ordered and used as thank you cards. Informal cards have the child's name on the outside with the inside being blank allowing space for the handwritten thank you note.

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