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Birthday Party

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Surprise Birthday Party
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A surprise birthday party is a celebration of a birthday that is not made known to the honored person until it occurs.

There are some disadvantages to this method of birthday celebration. For example, the honored person may feel ignored because their birthday is not mentioned until the party occurs. Also, the shock of the party's sudden occurrence has caused heart attack in some people.

Birthday Party Articles

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Birthday Gift Baskets

A birthday gift basket can make a great present for celebrating a birthday for any age. The most important part is finding appropriate items based on the person's interests and age. It also helps if the container itself is appropriate for the occasion and matches the overall theme of the gift. These birthday gift baskets do not have to be in a traditional wicker basket anymore. We've seen people use coolers, dump trucks, miniature wagons, golf ball buckets and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative containers. Here are a few ideas on what to put in your next birthday gift basket and instructions for assembling the perfect birthday gift.

Your first step is to choose the container for the birthday gift basket. Make sure the container you choose is appropriate for age and gender. For example, for a little boy you could just a dump truck. A teenage girl might enjoy a purse. For adult men, popular containers include sports themes, and for an adult woman you could use a watering can. You need to pick a container that has openings to place your gift items inside. Also look for something with a flat bottom so your birthday gift basket will stand upright. You stuff the inside of the container with crumpled newsprint so that it will hold its shape and also as a base to place your individual gift items. If the newsprint is visible, cover it up with shred to match your container. If you don't have any newsprint, you can buy it at most packing stores. Shred is available at many craft stores. You can also find many different shapes and sizes of wicker baskets at craft stores if you want to keep your birthday gift basket more generic.

Once you have your container picked out, the next step is to find some birthday gifts and treats to put inside the birthday gift basket. This again can be anything that the birthday celebrant would enjoy. For young kids, you can use small toys, board books, and candy. Teenage girls love nail polish, hair clips, jewelry and more. For adults, snack items like cookies, pretzels, nuts, etc. are always great, but try to also add something tailored to the birthday celebrants specific interests like golf tees if he is a golfer. Your birthday gift basket will look better if the container is full, so we recommend that you bring your container with you when picking out items to fill it with. That way, you won't buy something that is too big for you to use in the container and you can make sure that you buy enough items to fill the container to the brim.

Once you have the container and items, it is time to assemble your masterpiece. We recommend that you fill the inside of the container with crinkle shred. You can also use some double-sided tape to hold items together and keep them from moving all around. Put taller items toward the back of the basket and smaller items toward the front. If you purchased any embellishments like silk flowers or mini birthday balloons add them once your contents are in place. Once your gift is fully assembled, carefully place the basket inside a basket bag (can be purchased at local craft store), gather together the excess cellophane at the top of the basket and tie it off with a curling ribbon. Another hint is to tape the excess cellophane at the bottom of the basket underneath the gift with some clear tape. That way you can get a professional tight looking fit around the gift. Add a big bow and fun gift card to finish off the perfect birthday gift!

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Don't have time to make a Birthday Gift Basket yourself? Check out the great selection of birthday gift baskets at All About Gifts & Baskets. They have many birthday designs to choose from , for kids and adults. Choose from gift baskets , cookies , candy , and of course birthday cakes delivered!

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