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Birthday Party

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Surprise Birthday Party
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A surprise birthday party is a celebration of a birthday that is not made known to the honored person until it occurs.

There are some disadvantages to this method of birthday celebration. For example, the honored person may feel ignored because their birthday is not mentioned until the party occurs. Also, the shock of the party's sudden occurrence has caused heart attack in some people.

Birthday Party Articles

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Birthday Gift: Golf!

Birthday Golf Gifts - Birthday Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers

By Rebecca Johnson

If you need a birthday gift for a golf lover, there are plenty out there to choose from. From funny to unique, birthday golf gift items can be found all over the internet. Here are a few great gift ideas for golf lovers:

  • Golf Zen Garden - A great way for them to relax when they canít hit the links, a golf zen garden can decorate their office or the home. The unique garden even grows real grass so they can enjoy the sights and smells of the golf course even when they canít be there.

  • Golf Monopoly - For the golf lover that also enjoys a good board game, Monopolyís Golf Edition lets you play for ownership of famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach. Houses and hotels are replaced with caddy shacks and clubhouses and game pieces include such items as golf shoes, a golf cart, and a bucket of balls.

  • Novelty Golf Balls - Novelty golf balls are available in a wide variety of styles and make a great gift idea for your favorite golfer. Get them golf balls featuring their favorite sports team, smiley faces, or golf balls that resemble world globes. You can even find trick golf balls that will roll all over the place making it impossible for them to make the perfect putt.

  • Golf Artwork - Artwork featuring their favorite golf course or a golf course they dream of playing at one day is another gift idea for a golfer.

  • Golf Jewelry - Golf themed watches, bracelets, earrings, pins, money clips, cuff links, tie tacks, and pendants all make great gift ideas for anyone that loves golf and jewelry.

    Of course a new golf bag, clubs, or a gift certificate for a round of golf are always great ideas too. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect golf gift for your favorite golfer's birthday!

    © Copyright Rebecca Johnson, All Rights Reserved

    Rebecca Johnson operates, a website that provides gift ideas for every occasion. Visit it to find the best golf gifts or to get more birthday gift ideas.

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