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Birthday Party

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Surprise Birthday Party
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A surprise birthday party is a celebration of a birthday that is not made known to the honored person until it occurs.

There are some disadvantages to this method of birthday celebration. For example, the honored person may feel ignored because their birthday is not mentioned until the party occurs. Also, the shock of the party's sudden occurrence has caused heart attack in some people.

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Birthday Invitation Cards

Creative Child Birthday Invitation Cards
By Mike Dougherty

Your creative child birthday invitation cards will make those you invite really want to attend your party.

Imagine the reaction when your very creative birthday invitation card arrives in everyone's mail box.

Or what if your birthday invitation card is hand delivered by someone in your theme costume... You'll make a wonderful impression on everyone and they'll hardly be able to wait for your party!

Here are some great ideas to help you think creatively about your child's birthday party invitation. Remember, you want your birthday invitation card to stand out from the crowd and really get everyone excited.

Information To Include

Always include your child's first and last name so they know exactly who's birthday it is.

Mention the age your child will be celebrating at their party.

Include the day, date location and start time of your party.

And include the time your party will end so that parents will know when to pick up their child.

Also mention if it's a costume party and if you will be serving food.

Having A Magic Theme Party?

With some black paper cut out top hats. And with white paper cut out bunny rabbits. Cut a slit near the brim of the hat and everyone that receives this invitation can "pull a rabbit out of the hat" and read the invitation you've printed on the rabbit.

A Birthday Invitation That "Magically Appears"

Take a piece of white paper and write your invitation on it in white crayon... When you send the invitation, write something like this in black ink across the very top of the paper. "Your birthday party invitation will magically appear when you rub the enclosed magic wand across the paper."

Enclose a red crayon for them to use... This kind of creative invitation tells your invited guests that your party is going to be special.

Shrek Birthday Invitation Card

Use some green paper to cut out Shrek's head, then cut a slit where his mouth is. Now cut a bubble shape using white paper... Write your birthday party invitation using a green pen... Now when everyone receives their invitation, they'll pull the bubble out of Shrek's mouth and Shrek will speak to them (well sort of).

Shark Tale Invitation Card

Ever try writing an invitation on a great white shark?

Using white construction paper, cut out the profile of a shark (include an open mouth and teeth).

Then take a square piece of paper and write something like this...

"Use your imagination and dive with us to a fantastic reef under the sea where Oscar the Fish lives and needs your help celebrating (birthday child's first and last name)'s birthday."

"Oscar is decorating his penthouse pad at the top of the reef with birthday party balloons and streamers. And Oscar's going to be playing some of his favorite undersea "Hip Hop" music to welcome all his friends to his wonderful Shark Tale birthday party."

"Shark alert! Be careful when entering Oscar's reef... You never know when Don Lino, the great white shark, will be swimming by."

"Our Shark Tale birthday party starts bubbling with fun on (date)."

"Oscars Shark Tale Reef penthouse is located at (address)."

"Our Shark Tale birthday party for (birthday child's name) will actually take place on dry land, but in all our imaginations, we'll be having fun in Oscar's underwater world."

"RSVP to Angie the Angel Fish by (date) at (phone number)."

Now fold the invitation paper and attach it to the shark cut out you made before. You can now mail out your creative invitation.

There's No Limit To The Fun

You and your child will have a wonderful time coming up with creative ideas for your special child birthday invitation cards. And everyone will be very excited about coming to celebrate with you.

Mike Dougherty has a lot of birthday party experience. For for creative child birthday party invitation ideas visit

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