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Birthday Party

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Surprise Birthday Party
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A surprise birthday party is a celebration of a birthday that is not made known to the honored person until it occurs.

There are some disadvantages to this method of birthday celebration. For example, the honored person may feel ignored because their birthday is not mentioned until the party occurs. Also, the shock of the party's sudden occurrence has caused heart attack in some people.

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A Kid's Birthday Party

Fun Kid Birthday Party Ideas - Creative Themes

By Mike Dougherty

Theme parties are always great fun for any child's birthday party.

Does your child have a favorite movie, book, TV show, favorite character, or maybe your child likes animals or has a favorite sport or past time. Well how about using one of your child's favorites as the theme for their birthday party.

Planning Your Party

If your child is old enough, sit down with them and ask what kind of theme they'd like for their party. Then, keeping your budget in mind, as well as space limitations and preparation time, choose a theme and start making plans.

Once you've decided on a theme for your child's birthday party, you'll find that everything begins to fall right in place.

Kid Birthday Party Invitations

You and your child will have lots of fun putting together a creative invitation for their party.

When wording your invitation, try getting into your theme and have some fun. Use words and phrases that fit your theme.

If you're having a Princess birthday party, you might make it a "Royal Invitation from the King and Queen."

For a Pirate birthday party, write your invitation on a piece of brown paper bag crumpled up to look like old parchment. Draw a map to your house and have "X" mark the spot. Then write something like this, "Aaarrrhh, we be celebratin the birthday of Captain (your child's first and last name) and ye be invited."

Interactive invitations are lots of fun and help to get your invited guests involved in your theme right away.

For a Dinosaur birthday party you can send along a small box with a small plastic dinosaur "buried" in glacial ice (wrapped in cotton). Then the recipient can "dig up" the dinosaur.

For a Princess birthday party you could have your invitation rolled up, tied with a purple ribbon and hand delivered by someone in appropriate costume.

Be creative and have fun with your invitation. Remember, it's the first impression your guests will have of your up-coming party. Get them excited so they can hardly wait!

Kid Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

With your theme in mind, you can keep your decorations simple by using balloons and streamers and by putting pictures on your walls that you've cut from magazines.

Or you can be a little more creative by turning your living room into your theme location.

For a Dinosaur birthday party put blue and white helium filled balloons on your ceiling to form a sky with clouds. Then hang dark brown, light brown, green and orange streamers from the ceiling to the floor to make a jungle. Wrap some of the streamers together to make your jungle thicker.

For a Princess birthday party create a special throne using a chair and decorating it with bright red and purple balloons and streamers. And maybe even use a colorful pillow.

Again, be creative and have fun.

Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas

Most party games can be slightly modified to fit your theme. For a Blue's Clues birthday party Pin the Tail on the Donkey can become "pin the tail on Blue."

For a Princess party, Musical Chairs becomes "The Royal Musical Ball" and you can play appropriate music.

And speaking of music, music that is appropriate to your theme is perfect to use during your games. Simply start a game when your music starts. You can easily find CDs for most movies and TV shows.

Kid Birthday Cakes

There are a lot of great recipes available for theme birthday cakes, or you can easily pick up a frosted cake then add "edible cake toppers" for your theme.

Using edible cake toppers is a great way to create a colorful, professional looking theme cake for your child's birthday.

Kid Birthday Party Food Ideas

If you're serving food or snacks, keep your theme in mind and be creative.

For a Princess birthday party, serve finger sandwiches, candy sushi, royal colored jelly beans, grapes, sparkling apple or grape juice or a "royal punch."

For an Incredibles birthday party, label your food. Ketchup becomes "super sauce", carrot sticks become "energy sticks" and you can even have a mini "hero sandwich."

If you're using an underwater theme like Finding Nemo, serve "peanut butter & jellyfish" sandwiches, Gold Fish crackers and "tuna fish" sandwiches.

Be Creative

Even with a limited budget you can be creative and come up with lots of fun kid birthday party ideas... Put just a little effort into your plans and your child will fondly remember this birthday party for years to come.

And don't forget to take lots of pictures and shoot lots of video of everyone having fun.

Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike" has lots of experience putting together successful birthday parties for his children and grandchildren. For more information take a look at you'll be glad you did.

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