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Dinner Party

An occasional dinner party with friends and family strengthens bonds and keeps connections open in human relationships. Dinner parties, however, can also be vehicles of creativity and fun! They are the adult equivalent of playtime when work has ended and socialization begins. Celebrate your dinner parties with murder mystery games and adult-oriented themes. Find articles about dinner party planning tips and ideas at DayCelebration!

Dinner Party Articles

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Dinner Party Movie

Planning a Dinner-and-Movie Party

It's a dinner party invitation a guest couldn't surely refuse - a sumptuous dinner and a great movie. A dinner-and-movie party? Why not! Savor the food associated with beautifully made films such as an Italian dinner party with Italian movie masterpieces like "Il Postino" and "La Vita Bella", or enjoy a chocolate fantasy dinner party with movies like "Like Water for Chocolate" and "Choclat". Here are some dinner-and-movie party ideas for your intimate one-of-a-kind affair.


There are several ways to go with this party. Rent the dinner party movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971) for the kids, and serve takeout macaroni and cheese or pizzas and salads. For dessert, serve S’mores, candy bars or chocolate cupcakes.

If the party is for adults, rent the dinner party movie "Like Water for Chocolate" (1992) and serve a Mexican feast purchased from a good local restaurant. Be sure to include a mole dish made with chocolate. As the party cools down, heat up some Mexican hot chocolate spiked with cinnamon-flavored vodka.

Another delicious dinner party movie with the same flavor theme is "Chocolat" (2000), starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. Serve simple country French food from an upscale grocery or deli: quiche, crusty bread, patés and cheeses, and salade niçoise. Serve Bordeaux if your budget allows, or less expensive California Cabernets. Finish the evening with espresso or Mexican hot chocolate, and don’t forget to spice it up with a tiny bit of chili powder or cayenne, as Vianne does in the movie.

No matter which chocolate-themed dinner party movie you rent, you must have a grand chocolate finale. Make Molten Chocolate Spice Cakes that taste like you slaved, but are actually as easy to prepare as cupcakes. Serve them warm with vanilla or rum raisin ice cream and get ready to hear oohs and ahhs.


They don’t really sit down to a full meal in the dinner party movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" (1961). We only see Audrey Hepburn nibbling a Danish — a difficult scene for her, because she hated the pastries. So, take a little artistic license and serve a full brunch from your favorite deli, with bagels, lox and cream cheese, frittatas, quiche, fruit salads, and green and pasta salads.

Pour an aromatic French roast coffee and use rock-candy stir sticks that sparkle like Tiffany diamonds. Dish up a New York dessert like creamy cheesecake, apple babka or rugelach.

Make sure there’s plenty of fresh orange juice and Champagne for mimosas. Your friends will think you’re a trivia genius when you tell them that Marilyn Monroe (whose favorite drink was Champagne) turned down the part because her acting coach, Lee Strasburg, said it wouldn’t be good for her image. Drink to Marilyn and Audrey with a special pitcher of mimosas, enlivened with the blush of cranberry juice. Serve them on a pretty tray sprinkled with rhinestone jewelry.


Kids love to watch a dinner party movie like "Lilo and Stitch’’ (2002) over and over, so plan a party around them with some Hawaiian treats they’ll love. The melting-pot culture of the islands leaves lots of room to be creative. Serve anything pan-Asian or zoom in on quirky Hawaiian specialties such as Spam sushi.

Little folks like any food that makes a game out of eating. Teriyaki kebabs with chicken, vegetables, pineapple and dipping sauce make great finger food. Many dishes can be picked up in an Asian market: egg rolls, fried rice, sushi, noodles.

Takeout that’s specifically Hawaiian doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to find. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, a popular chain restaurant, makes everything from Loco Moco, a surfer’s burger topped with two eggs and dripping with gravy, to macaroni salad.

Dinner party movie-themed decorations and favors are easy. Stop at the party store and pick up plastic leis and little grass skirts for the children. And if you serve fruity umbrella drinks to the grown-ups, get extra umbrella toothpicks the kids can use to spear Spam or cheese cubes off a tray.

For dessert, serve pineapple upside-down cake with coconut ice cream or that chocolate cake Lilo and Stitch fought over in the movie. Or how about mochi? The Japanese ice cream balls with a sweet glutinous coating are small and portable. They are sold at Trader Joe’s and some Asian markets. Kids can eat them in the living room without making a mess, while grown-ups savor chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and Kona coffee. And don’t forget to break out the Elvis records when the movie’s over.

Article Source: Dinner and a Movie
Anne Valdespino
Freedom News Service
September 2005

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