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Dinner Party

An occasional dinner party with friends and family strengthens bonds and keeps connections open in human relationships. Dinner parties, however, can also be vehicles of creativity and fun! They are the adult equivalent of playtime when work has ended and socialization begins. Celebrate your dinner parties with murder mystery games and adult-oriented themes. Find articles about dinner party planning tips and ideas at DayCelebration!

Dinner Party Articles

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Dinner Party Table Setting

Dinner Party Table Setting Ideas

dinner party table settingWhich is the salad fork? Where does the soup spoon go? And what are chargers anyway? This quick dinner party table setting guide will help you design your formal and casual settings - so you don't spend any more time thinking about it.

Even if you're not hosting a dinner party for the Queen of England, you may still wonder exactly where to place those new dishes and flatware. It may seem like so much mumbo jumbo, but having a formal dinner party table setting makes sense. It keeps things consistent, so no one will have to search high and low for a dessert fork.

The Formal Dinner Party Table Setting

A formal dinner often consists of five courses -- soup, fish, entree, salad, and dessert. This means several elements go into a formal dinner party table setting.

Service plates: You may include service plates, also known as chargers, at your formal dinner parties. Chargers are oversize plates (usually 12 inches in diameter) that are put under dinner plates to add color to the table during the first two courses. They often have banded rims or come in solid shades, and are removed once the entree is served. Not only do chargers add a dash of color, but they also do a good job of protecting your table or tablecloth. If you don't have them, you might think about adding them to your collection.

Dishes: Put the dinner plate at the center of each place setting. A butter plate (with a butter knife laid across it) goes above and left of the dinner plate.

Utensils: Place the salad fork (the smaller one) and dinner fork to the left of the dinner plate; the dinner knife, soupspoon, and seafood fork to the right; and the dessert fork and teaspoon horizontally above the dinner plate.

Glasses: Place the wineglass above and to the right of the knife, the water goblet directly above the knife's tip, and the champagne flute behind the wineglass. Only put out the glassware you'll need - if you're not serving champagne, don't use your flutes.

[Note] At a formal dinner party, seats are usually assigned. Put a handwritten place card with each guest's name at each setting. The layout generally goes boy-girl, but couples shouldn't sit side by side - they know each other well enough already. The hosts should sit at opposite ends of the table if it's rectangular.

The Casual Dinner Party Table Setting

This dinner party table setting is for everyday use, or for serving smaller or more laid-back meals - an impromptu dinner party, for example.

Plates: Place the dinner plate in the center of the place setting with the salad plate above and to the left.

Utensils: Set the salad fork and dinner fork to the left of the dinner plate; the dinner knife and teaspoon to the right.

Glasses: Place the wineglass and water goblet above and to the right.

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