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Engagement Day

Being engaged is the next big step that a couple can make in their relationship. It's closer to being wed but farther from having a marriage. An engagement is actually a declaration of commitment for the couple's friends and family. The engagement party is the perfect setting for such a celebration of love. Find great articles on planning your engagement party and other tips and ideas from DayCelebration!

Engagement Party Articles:

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Dress for Engagement Party

What to Wear to an Engagement Party

One of the greatest frustrations women have when dressing up is what to wear to a specific occasion. For men, it's a simple thing to wear a coat and tie/tuxedo for formal affairs or shirt and slacks for casual. But for women it's almost always an ongoing debate on whether to wear slacks, a short dress, or a long gown, or to go casual with summer or day dresses.

First of all make sure what kind of party it's going to be. If it's an RSVP/black-tie kind of thing then go formal. If the couple told everyone it's just an informal affair then go casual. And when the couple is a laid-back pair then why not wear a comfy pair of jeans and shirt? After all it's their party and whatever goes there is their call. Go with the flow and enjoy the celebration of two people pledging their love in holy matrimony.

There is, however, one fashion style that a guest at an engagement party can never go wrong. It's called elegant chic. Almost always engagement parties are formal affairs and require guests to dress accordingly. With elegant chic one can wear a pair of dark slacks, camisole/blouse, and dressy shoes.

Some of the advice given at regarding one's dress choices at an engagement party include the following:
Shoes: Christian Louboutin pumps are very hot. The hint of a red sole adds a fabulous level of oomph to any outfit and has the added benefit of being appropriate for work as well as social events.

Suit: Make sure your suit is of a good quality fabric that won‘t be problematic in the wrinkle department and that it is climate friendly.

Camisole: Pairing the suit with a mildly shiny black silk camisole is a great way to add texture and differentiation between blacks in your outfit.

In closing, make sure you wear a matching strapless bra and use double stick tape if necessary to keep everything in place, bodice-wise. Nothing kills an outfit like the wrong undergarments and nothing kills your rep for being elegant/ classy like an unruly blouse, if you know what I mean.

From Etiquette_Guru on 2006-06-22

Elegant chic is classy without breaking the bank. It is sophistication and understated style. Independent designer Alena Wallace describes her clothing line as "elegant chic". She also emphasizes clothing with "color, mood and personality." Yes, the dressy black pant suit with camisole and dressy shoes would work well for an elegant chic look. Consider wearing a pair of pearl drop earrings but don't overdo the accessories. Have fun at your engagement!

From Anika on 2006-04-23

When you're elegant, you're smartly put together. Your accessories are understated yet complementary to your outfit. You attract attention simply because your look is so refined and sophisticated. When you're chic, you've added a little something extra - a whimsical scarf, perhaps, or a peek of alluring camisole from beneath a crisp, tailored black pant suit. Maybe you've slicked red lipstick on. The devil is in the details in this case, and though I don't know what the occasion is, I can safely say that your choice defines elegant chic well. Don't shy away from prints or vibrant colors - even cheetah print heels look classy when worn with the right ensemble.

From Chai on 2006-04-19

A dressy black pant suit with camisole and dressy shoes can certainly qualify as being elegant chic.

Things to remember: subdued colors like, black and cream for example.

Elegant chic usually means simple subdued colors, simple lines. It depends on the location and the time of event as well.

Key things to remember, there must be a certain amount of sophistication but with a sense of style.

From nycpogo on 2006-04-18

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