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Engagement Day

Being engaged is the next big step that a couple can make in their relationship. It's closer to being wed but farther from having a marriage. An engagement is actually a declaration of commitment for the couple's friends and family. The engagement party is the perfect setting for such a celebration of love. Find great articles on planning your engagement party and other tips and ideas from DayCelebration!

Engagement Party Articles:

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Engagement Party Favor

Suggestions for Engagement Party Favors

An engagement party provides an excellent time for the members of two families to become better acquainted. The host or hostess wants the guests to feel relaxed and happy, to erase any clumsiness about the meeting of the two families. The engagement party favors can help to make that possible. Read here how to make the most of any engagement party favors for your upcoming event.

Suppose that you are planning an engagement party. Perhaps you have already sent out all of your engagement party invitations. Now you need to think about the creation of some engagement party favors. Where should you look for ideas?

Ideas for engagement party favors can come from learning about the history of the two people who plan to get married. How did they meet? What did they do while dating? Do they know where they will live after the wedding? Answers to these questions can provide a glimpse of the possible "theme" for an engagement party. The engagement party favors could then be based on that theme.

Another way to plan the style of the engagement party favors calls for a consideration of the types of games that will be played at the engagement party. Will there be games that would call for the organization of teams? If you want to have the guests forming teams, then perhaps each of the engagement party favors could have a number or color that would indicate the team placement of the party guests.

Sometimes the engagement party favors can provide the host or hostess with a way to assist the guests in conquering the challenges of the party games. For example, suppose that the guests are going to get a quiz about the engaged couple. The guests might be asked about the interests of the two soon-to-be-married people. Or they might have to answer questions about the engagement, or about the planned wedding ceremony. Then each of the engagement party favors could provide the guest with a hint concerning the answer to one of the planned game questions.

A third possible way to approach the task of making the engagement party favors is to look for ways to create an ice breaker. Perhaps the engagement party favors could set the scene for a game that would help the guests to get better acquainted. Maybe each favor could be one half of a pair. Then each guest would need to seek the holder of the other half of that same pair. This would keep the guests busy, and it would set-up an excellent direction for the creation of the engagement party favors.

Another type of ice breaker could be developed by using both the engagement party invitations and the engagement party favors. In this case the guests would need to look for the favor that matched another guest's invitation. This, however, would require that each of the guests remember to bring with them the invitation that came in the mail. This idea would of course not work if invitations were sent by e-mail.

Perhaps the engaged couple plans a very unique type of wedding. Then the engagement party favors might hint at some of the elements of that planned wedding. Has the bride chosen a color theme for the wedding? The engagement party favors could reflect that fact. Will there be a flower girl? Will there be a ring bearer? All such questions could provide clues to the possible nature of the engagement party favors.

Maybe none of the above seems to apply to the engagement party you are planning. Then consider how your party is different. That consideration could point to yet another idea for the engagement party favors.

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