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Family Reunion

Do you really know everyone in your family? All the aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins... The names you'd see in your Family Tree. Perhaps there you had a famous ancestor or a notorious one? The only way to know is to ask your family about it specifically from your the oldest relatives. Have a family reunion to know who are the people in your family. Who knows you might be related to someone famous.

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Family Reunion Gift

Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Family reunions are a special time of re-affirming ties within the family and the generations. It's the time to celebrate the togetherness and love within the family. A time to retell stories of years gone by, to begin stories a new, a time to pass wisdom and family history on to future generations. The best way to share the feelings for each other is through gifts so when considering gifts for a family reunion there are many different ways you can choose from, a memento to give to each family member to record the occasion i.e. t-shirt's, key chain's, souvenir, etc. When the whole family is together at the party, a great activity is signing the ceramic guest book platter. Somebody can write on the platter a special poem or quote - even a joke! Make a game out of how many signatures will fit on one platter etc can be a good activity or you may want to present the eldest member with a plaque to mark the event. You can also make a photo album starting from the oldest member of the family to the youngest member. Reunion gifts are nothing but a token of love and affection within the family members.

Here are some gift ideas for the family reunion function. There are various ways you can celebrate your family reunion. The best way to celebrate family reunion is by organizing a party where you invite all the members of the family and take a group photo of the entire family. Put that photo in a beautiful frame and distribute among the family member as a memento. You can also use the idea of gifting a T-shirt, cap or a souvenir to each member of the family. You can make specially designed T-shirt with the family photo engraved on it by scanning the photograph and printing it on the T-shirt or you can print the photo of the oldest member of the family on a cap or a key chain. Gifting a photo frame with a family photograph on it to every member of the family. You can also present a walnut plaque with the family name engraved on it.

Among the other present ideas you can opt for are pen stand with your family name engraved on it. A pen can also be a good option for the adults. For the kids you can go for a box of chocolates, cookies and cadies or stuffed toys. For adults you can gift personalized bags, purse and wallet. Even a customized gold ring for everyone with the family name engraved on it or a gold chain with a special locket with the family name engraved on it. Even a customized coffee mug is also a good gift idea. You can gift that with the name of the oldest member of the family engraved on it. It is not necessary that your photo has to be your family photo it can be a photo of you and your brother or sister when you were kids, your Mom when she was young, the house your grandparents lived in, the photo of your parent's marriage, etc the possibilities are endless. The gift idea for a family reunion should be sentimental, beautiful, personal, practical and emotional at the same time. You can also go for an outing to a nearby place with your family members. There are various ways you can spend your family reunion.

Source: Family Reunion Gift Ideas

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