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Family Reunion

Do you really know everyone in your family? All the aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins... The names you'd see in your Family Tree. Perhaps there you had a famous ancestor or a notorious one? The only way to know is to ask your family about it specifically from your the oldest relatives. Have a family reunion to know who are the people in your family. Who knows you might be related to someone famous.

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Family Reunion Planning

Family Reunion Planning - How To Save Thousands This Year
By Mark A. Askew

If planning a family reunion were not a challenge, financing it is even more so. As gas prices rise and energy bill increase family reunion planners are feeling the pinch as the catoring and planning service pricing explodes. Add to that the increase in family members and many wonder just how to save when planning the next family reunion.

Too often family members find themselves shelving out much more money than they ever intended just to get the essentials. Unforeseen expenses such as flying in an elder relative or providing a powered wheel chair and mobile van for travel.

So how do you throw a smoking family reunion event while sticking to the budget and even have funds left to contribute to another event?

The key to planning and successfully executing an affordable family reunion event involves taking advantage of freebies, discount services and two-for offers.

Family Reuion Discount Travel Packages

When booking your family members consult online travel sites for special discount packages. Be sure to ask hotel management about any group discount rates. Ask catering companies about size discounts. Use hotel shuttle buses for local destinations. Other avenues to saving money are in the gifts you plan to distribute. Take public transportation when touring historic districts.

Family Reunion Freebies

Visit the Chamber of commerce for branded items such as free key chains, free tote bags, free tours and tourist welcome packages.

Visit State Universities and ask for free tours, special events such as piano concerts and plays. Look into free use of grounds. Keep in mind that donations are appreciated when utilizing university estate services.

Free Family Reunion Planning Web Sites

Free family reunion event planning software can be found at the following family reunion resource web sites:

Family Reunion Planning Software

Family reunion planning software and planner templates can help you save hundreds even thousands of dollars simply by helping put all your ducks in a row and avoiding unforeseen pitfalls and resultant expenses. These family reunion resource sites also offer family reunion resources with free templates, family reunion committee and subcommittee assignment sheets, free tips and guides, free newsletters, free family reunion, tips booklets and free family reunion registry.

Free Family Reunion ECards And Invitations

eCard sites offer free family reunion e-vitations. Free Press Release sites can be used for free reunion event announcements

Penny savor classifieds are great for free reunion event announcements. Make use of family reunion webpage hosts for free family reunion webpages.

Family Reunion Committee Tools

If your working with a family reunion committee and subcommittees take time to create a budget for each department. Insist that each subcommittee adhere closely to the budget while attempting to take advantage of bargains and saving assigned funds for next year’s event. Consider giving a prepaid debit card to each subcommittee chairman.

With good planning, organization and cooperation you'll throw a successfull reunion event, stick to the budget and save hundreds, even thousands on your next family reunion.

Mark Askew is the founder of the Fimarks Family Reunion Planner,, an informational resources and portal designed to assist family reunion planners organize and execute a successful family reunion.

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