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Graduation Day

Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the associated ceremony. The date of event is often called degree day. In the United States and Canada, it is also used to refer to the advancement from a primary or secondary school level. Many colleges have different traditions associated with the graduation ceremony, the best-known probably being throwing mortarboards in the air.

Graduation Day Articles:

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Graduation Day Movie

Graduation Day Movie Review from

With a semi-saving grace in the form of some occasionally well-milked humor, the slasher flick Graduation Day manages to botch things so badly in the gore-and-suspense department that director Herb Freed should have been subject to a citizen's arrest. Of course, for anyone who managed to survive Freed's previous catastrophic contributions to the Horror genre, Haunts and Beyond Evil, this should hardly come as a surprise; but it nevertheless makes one question why someone as technically inept and bereft of a film sense as Freed would be selected to so much as direct traffic on Rodeo Drive, much less a motion picture from a major studio. Bearing an unfortunate resemblance to Paul Lynch's atrocious Prom Night, Graduation Day puts before the audience an array of unlikable, nondescript high-school seniors being methodically slain by an unseen psycho with an affinity for long, sharp instruments. There's an underlying motive driving the merciless killer, of course, and the screenplay is so carelessly non-dexterous in laying out the story components and presenting the characters that it's fairly easy to deduce whodunit -- just make yourself wise to who isn't being uncouthly adorned with red herrings and suggestively-menacing reaction shots, and you should have no trouble. So, hampered by its fatal absence of the element of surprise and lackluster suspense sequences, all that manages to keep the film from veering into one-star territory is its fair share of humorous moments, which isn't exactly the kind of sole redeeming feature one admittedly craves in a slasher flick yet is certainly preferable in light of everything else qualifying as a bona fide crash-and-burn.

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© Jack Sommersby, 2004

Check out "Cutting Class" (which features a pre-stardom Brad Pitt and the always-luminous Jill Schoelen) instead.

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