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Labor Day

An old custom prohibits the wearing of white after Labor Day. The custom is rooted in nothing more than popular fashion etiquette. In actuality, the etiquette originally stated that white shoes were the taboo while white or "winter white" clothes were acceptable. This custom is fading from popularity as it continues to be questioned and challenged, particularly by leaders in the fashion world. "Fashion magazines are jumping on this growing trend, calling people who 'dare' to wear white after Labor Day innovative, creative, and bold. Slowly but surely, white is beginning to break free from its box, and is becoming acceptable to wear whenever one pleases. This etiquette is also compared to the Canadian fashion rule of not wearing green after Rememberance day."

Source: Labor Day - Wikipedia

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Labor Day Party

By Nicola Kennedy

It is the end of the summer season, and you want to have that last barbeque or pool party before the weather begins to turn cool. You have a dilemma, though: you need Labor Day party/picnic ideas. It is, after all, the end of the summer season, so you want to send it out with a bang.

What you can do for a Labor Day celebration depends on how much room you have and how many guests you plan to have. Of course, it is standard to say that it also depends on the weather, but that is understood. Since it is the last day of the official summer party season, and you have a pool, you will likely want to center your Labor Day party on enjoying the last of the swimming season. If you do not have a pool but would like to reserve something at a park or close to the beach, you want to do it early because more than likely, many others will have the same idea. Red, white, and blue streamers and balloons are always appropriate decorations as are theme items such as miniature picnic baskets.

If your budget allows it, many amusement parks also have pavilions that you can rent for your Labor Day party. If you have a great many children, places that cater to the younger set such as Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA and Sesame Place are appropriate (check your local area for related theme parks that cater to children). For a largely adult crowd, a picnic park where food and entertainment are included with the cost of the ticket is a good idea. One such park exists in Pennsylvania, and the entertainment includes tubing, paddleboats, canoe rides, pony rides, golfing, tennis, and much more.

The possibilities for a Labor Day celebration are enormous, and are limited only by your imagination. Use caution when planning your Labor Day party, and do not set off fireworks unless you are trained and licensed to do so. Sparklers should only be used in open areas that are away from dry grass, preferably in a parking lot with only enough ground to hold the sparkler. Keep the laws of your state and county in mind as some states forbid even the use of sparklers by anyone other than a professional. Make your Labor Day celebration fun for everyone, but do it by following fire and safety regulations.

Nicola always enjoys celebrating Labor Day and the end of summer. Visit her Labor Day 2006 site for Labor Day Party and Picnic Ideas, tips and news, information and views at

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