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New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is December 31, the final day of the Gregorian year, and the day before New Year's Day, New Year's Eve is a separate observance from the observance of New Year's Day. In 20th-century Western practice, the celebration involves partying until the moment of the transition of the year at midnight. Drinking champagne is also a major part of the festivities. Within many cultures the use of fireworks and other noise making is a major part of the celebration in cities such as Berlin, New York City, Sydney, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Tokyo. New Year's Eve is a public non-working holiday in the following countries, among others: France, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Venezuela.

New Year's Eve Articles

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New Years Eve Party Supply

How to Decorate Your House for a New Year's Bash

Your guests will be more than ready to meet the dawning of the new year surrounded by these fun and festive New Year's Eve party supply and decorations.


1. String white lights (on a white cord) across your ceiling like you would streamers. Leave enough slack so that in the lowest places, the wire hangs about 2 feet above people's heads (or higher if you are concerned about people jumping up and down and/or waving their arms in the air at midnight).

2. Tie party favors, hats and noisemakers to pieces of ribbon, and tie them to the wire so that they dangle down. Make some low enough for people to reach, and others high enough to stay put as decorations.

3. Use black plastic top hats as serving dishes and fill them with chips, pretzels and other snack food.

4. Fill large margarita glasses with mixed nuts and M&Ms.

5. Put black cloths on your tables and then spill silver confetti around serving dishes. Tie the cloths to table legs with silver ribbon. Accent with metallic silver and gold plates, cups, napkins and silverware.

6. Blow up a few dozen silver and black balloons. Pile them up in corners and let them drift around as people move about your home.

Tips & Warnings

Instead of stringing lights across the ceiling, you could fill large balloons with helium and attach party favors to them.

Synchronize several clocks with the official time before the party starts, and make sure they are in plain view so that you have time to prepare for the big countdown.

New Year's Eve Party Supply List

* Black And Silver Balloons
* 15 Yards Thin Silver Ribbons
* Noisemakers
* 3 Or 4 Strands White Christmas Tree Lights
* Party Favors
* Metallic Paper Plates Napkins And Glasses
* Black Plastic Top Hats
* Party Hats
* Black Tablecloths
* Large Plastic Margarita Glasses

Source: How to Decorate Your House for a New Year's Bash

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