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In the United States, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance held at the end of the years of high school and college, called junior prom and senior prom respectively. In British English such an event would be called a ball, although in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it is also often called a formal. In Australian schools the terms used are either formal or sometimes as Leaver's Dinner, usually so when the night includes a meal. In Ireland it is known as a debs (an abbreviation of debutante ball). In the U.S. a "formal" is typically a similar dance that is held by a fraternity or sorority affiliated with a certain college or university. In Australia, the term "prom" has also come into sparse usage and in Britain it is becoming widespread, because of US influence. The name is derived from the late ninteenth century practice of a Promenade ball. The end of year tradition stemmed from the Graduation Ball tradition.

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Prom Limousine Service

Westchester limousine, prom limousinePROM NIGHT:
How to Book A Limousine for Prom

It's that time of the year again when young girls begin to frantically search for the perfect prom dress, the pair-fect prom shoes, the perfect prom hair style, and most dreamily perfect prom date. The boys had it easy with only a tux or a suit to think about. But there is at least one area where both will have to face: how to get there. Well, why not do in style? It's the best night of all nights of your young lives. You can make it more memorable by arriving in a limo with your best friends along with your dates. Unless your last name is Trump, it's not every day that you arrive at an event in a limousine. Here's a rundown of all of the things you need to think about if you want to pimp your ride to the prom.

JUMP START. Don't miss the boat, make that car. Since limos are in high demand during prom season, plan to book a limousine early. Two to three months before prom should give you enough time to make the arrangements.

HOP IN. Limos come in all shapes and sizes. Figure out exactly how many people will be in your group since that will determine the kind of limo you end up with. A basic rule of thumb is that a super-stretch limo will hold 10-12 passengers; for a standard stretch limo, 6 passengers is plenty.

GAS 'N' GO. If you're gonna ride like a star, prepare to shell out some cash. Booking a limousine for the evening will start at around $400. You can keep the cost down by going with a group and splitting the expense. You'll also need to tip the driver, usually 15-20% of the total fare. Some companies will include the tip in the total charge, so make sure to ask in advance. And don't forget to comparison shop -- prices vary widely, so you should check around to find the best deal.

SPEEDBUMP. You might be asked to make a deposit in advance. This is to cover any mishaps that may happen during the night -- like big messes in the car, blah blah blah. Just keep everything under control and you'll see that money again post-prom.

BUCKLE UP. Before you book a limousine, it's crucial to find out if the limousine service is licensed by New York. If not, you may get stuck with poor service, a shoddy limo, and a rude driver. Check references and your contract carefully. And get an after-hours phone number for someone at the company -- just in case you hit a few unexpected curves. For it's (800) 720-2021.


Westchester Limousine, prom Limousine

Imagine being the center of attention as the limousine slows down to a stop in front of the prom night venue. People are craning their necks and peering through the darkened windows trying to glimpse the passenger in the back. You and your friends are the luckiest teens to arrive in style with a limo. It may be expensive, but hey it's Prom Night! It's that night of all nights when anything could happen and being cool is the most important thing in the world.

Hire a limo for your weddings, birthdays, proms, and romantic dates, or treat your guests and clients to a limousine shuttle service for a tour around town, to and from hotels and airports, and during special corporate events. And for your limousine service needs only one name can be trusted: Westchester NY Limo. Five years of first-class quality limo service by our professionally trained chauffeurs and staff have earned Westchester NY Limo a reputation as the limo company to hire for every function or occasion. Our stable of limousines are widely arrayed from simple elegant town cars to stylish sedans and luxurious stretch limousines. Our services cover all cities, towns and villages in Westchester County, New York.

To request for your free quotes call now at (800) 720-2021. Or email us at our Contact Page. Every ride in a Westchester NY Limo is a unique experience all by itself.

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