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School Reunion

A class reunion is a meeting of former classmates, typically organized at or near their former school by one of the class on or around an anniversary of their graduation. Former teachers may be invited as well. Usually, participants nostalgically reminisce about their old school days, fondly remember their school pranks, and bring each other up to date on what has happened to each of them since they went their separate ways.

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High School Reunion

How to Remember Names at Your High School Reunion

After several years, you can easily go blank when faced with a roomful of former classmates. Relax, focus and use these memory techniques for guaranteed success.


1. Review your senior yearbook prior to the reunion to brush up on long-forgotten faces and names.

2. Use mnemonic devices to remember names. For instance, saying "Patty Devry has bright green eyes" will ensure that you remember Patty's name the next time you run into her.

3. Repeat each person's name right after being introduced. Saying someone's name out loud shows them that you are listening, and helps to solidify the name in your memory.

4. Make a point of introducing the new person to your significant other, or to another friend, immediately after initial contact.

5. Make a list of people as you meet them, with an identifying characteristic following the name. If necessary, refer to this list before you approach anyone that you have already met.

Tips & Warnings

When being introduced, relax and listen carefully. Many people tense up and become distracted as they anticipate introducing themselves.

Always be certain that you know a person's name before you address them. You'll not soon forget the embarrassment of calling a new acquaintance by the wrong name.

Overall Things You'll Need

* Personal Organizers
* Relaxation Tapes
* Notebooks

Source: How to remember Names at Your High School Reunion

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