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The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched U.S. television broadcasts of the year, attracting many companies to spend millions of dollars on commercials. This has caused the starting time of the game to be pushed back later and later, to ensure the Sunday night prime time audience on the East Coast. The last true day game (which ended before local sunset) of the series was Super Bowl XI in January 1977.

In addition, many popular singers and musicians have performed during the Super Bowl's pre-game and halftime ceremonies. This is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving.

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Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercials are something that advertisers prepare for all year round. With 30 second spots costing $2.5 million and between 90 and 130 million viewers watching the Super Bowl, these commercials better be worth the high price. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl sometimes generate more hype then the actual football game itself. Sometimes there is so much hype about the Super Bowl commercials that the audience considers them overrated and so much pressure is put on the advertisers to produce good commercials.

Everybody has their own personal favorite ads during the super bowl but according to USA Today, Bud Light’s “Magic Fridge”(Super Bowl XL) was one of the most popular ads. Budweiser is one of the most popular advertisers during the Super Bowl and their Super Bowl commercials are looked forward to every year. Advertisers made sure to censor their Super Bowl commercials due to the Janet Jackson incident at a previous super bowl halftime show. Also, there has been much concern about the viewing of Super Bowl commercials because of the use of products such as TiVo, which allows viewers to skip over the commercials. However, TiVo reported that viewers were pausing and rewinding back to previous commercials that they enjoyed. With today’s technology, if someone misses a commercial, they can just download the commercial on their cell phones or computer.

Getting a spot on for Super Bowl commercials is becoming more expensive and more competitive every year. Advertisers are fighting for originality and something that makes an impact on their audience. There’s no stopping these outrageous prices of the super bowl commercials and there’s no stopping the number of years this will continue for.

source: Wikipedia

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