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The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched U.S. television broadcasts of the year, attracting many companies to spend millions of dollars on commercials. This has caused the starting time of the game to be pushed back later and later, to ensure the Sunday night prime time audience on the East Coast. The last true day game (which ended before local sunset) of the series was Super Bowl XI in January 1977.

In addition, many popular singers and musicians have performed during the Super Bowl's pre-game and halftime ceremonies. This is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving.

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Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl party is almost as much a part of Super Bowl history as the football itself. Arriving right at the end of the month of January, Super Bowl party planning gives you the perfect chance to escape from possibly the most boring time of year. When you are Super Bowl party planning you must always remember that not everyone will be attending because they love football, some will be coming just to meet friends and family for a bit of entertainment. Some Super Bowl party ideas to incorporate this fact are to set up two rooms, one with the giant television you’ve hired and the other for the non-sports lovers.

Super Bowl menus are very easy to follow and most Super Bowl recipes will come ready cooked from the pizza delivery firm or the local take away so the only real Super Bowl party supplies you need will be liquid refreshments. Pizza, hot wings, burgers and beer are the staple diet of virtually any Super Bowl party and Super Bowl party games will consist almost solely of sweepstakes and betting.

Super Bowl is about forgetting diets and being healthy and just having fun. The same can be said for your Super Bowl decorations. Team flags and strips will be easy to get hold of and you can put these on the wall and around the television. Buy a few footballs and give them away as perfect Super Bowl party favors so your guests will always remember the day. If you’re really adventurous you could try second-guessing who the winner will be and personalizing the balls to match. Your party favors could be worth something in a few years time.

About the Author
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Fun Super Bowl games and Super Bowl party supplies here!

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