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Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen is a traditional birthday party for girls to have when they turn sixteen years old. In parts of the United States and Canada, sixteen is the age at which one may obtain a driver's license. It is also the age of consent in many states, hence it is viewed by many adolescents as an important milestone.

The term can also be derived to mean turning 16 without having been kissed.

Sweet Sixteen Day Celebration Articles

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Sweet Sixteen Decoration

Clever Ideas For Sweet Sixteen Decorations

Make it big, make it beautiful!

Turning the big '16' is a huge event in a young lady's life and must be acknowledged with a birthday party, complete with sweet sixteen decorations to make the event memorable and exciting. These can be as simple or as intricate as is desired and with a little creativity, can be as affordable as necessary. What's important is that everything matches and fits the theme decided upon. After all, walking into a party without any effort applied to the look and feel is like not being at a party at all. Choosing sweet sixteen decorations and putting them up is almost as fun as attending the actual event!

Balloons and streamers
Helium-filled balloons are as popular as ever as sweet sixteen decorations because they are available in such a huge range of colors, shapes and materials. They can be suspended from the ceiling in a large net, arranged in a shape, or turned into beautiful centerpieces. Streamers, whether paper or metallic, add a real festive touch, especially if used plentifully.

Candles and lighting
You can always depend on candles to add a touch of romance and ambience. Flickering flames on the tables provide a relaxing glow and the lights can be turned down to suit. Fairy lights can be arranged to look like stars across the night sky … perfect for a Cinderella theme, especially if the favors include fun tiaras, costume jewelry and magic wands. In fact, there are several Disney themes that would inspire wonderful sweet sixteen decorations and lighting, such as Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. Using the soundtracks as music for the night is easier than having to choose a repertoire of appropriate songs.

Sweet Sixteen Flowers
What young lady can resist the allure of fresh flowers? From centerpieces to corsages to scattered petals on the tables, there is a definite grown-up appeal in beautiful flowers. For sweet sixteen decorations, even a single rose in a tube vase arranged on each table is a delightful idea. A butterfly and flowers theme would be wonderful and could be extended to a butterfly-shaped cake, festooned with sugar petals.

Birthday girl montage
Placing enlarged pictures of the birthday girl around the party is a nice way of showing how she has grown up over the years. From her first baby photo to her most recent ones, a montage of pictures is one of the most personal sweet sixteen decorations of all. Try having a photo blown up to life size proportions and cut out. You could have several of them placed around the room!

Have you thought of using food as your sweet sixteen decorations? Instead of flowers as centerpieces, use lollipop bouquets. See if you can locate an ice sculpture in a shape that suits the theme, to use on the buffet table. It's possible to hire chocolate fountains that literally ooze chocolate continually and guests can coat skewered marshmallows, fruits and cake for dessert. Again, be creative.

Aside from the above, there are literally hundreds of other great ideas for sweet sixteen decorations. How about a piñata for a bit of enthusiastic fun? Or banners, metallic table covers and linen chair covers with big fancy bows? If you feel as though you're short on ideas, take a trip to your local party supplies store and browse through what they have in stock. Even if you don't buy or hire from them, you may feel inspired to create something yourself that would be absolutely perfect!

Article Source: Sweet sixteen party - Information and a guide on how to have the best sweet 16 party.

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