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Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen is a traditional birthday party for girls to have when they turn sixteen years old. In parts of the United States and Canada, sixteen is the age at which one may obtain a driver's license. It is also the age of consent in many states, hence it is viewed by many adolescents as an important milestone.

The term can also be derived to mean turning 16 without having been kissed.

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Sweet Sixteen Dress

Tips For Choosing Sweet Sixteen Dresses

For Moms whose daughters are growing up

Every girl likes the opportunity to dress up in a more grown up fashion. From the days when she tried on Mom's high heels and long gowns and slicked on her lipstick and rouge, the appeal has never waned. Sweet sixteen dresses transform a little girl into a young lady who saunters into her party like a princess being presented to her public. Going shopping for sweet sixteen dresses is a rite of passage that a mother and daughter can enjoy together in preparation for the event.

Keep it age appropriate

Most girls have a good idea about what suits them by the time they reach sixteen, however some may go a little further than what suits Mom when shopping for sweet sixteen dresses. Plunging necklines and high slits are not every mother's idea of appropriate apparel for their mid-teen daughter so a bit of guidance, accompanied by a smile, goes a long way towards making the party girl beautiful yet not dressed beyond her age.

Complement her body shape

A flattering style is important when selecting sweet sixteen dresses. It's sometimes hard to resist choosing something that doesn't fit well or doesn't suit the young lady's body shape, just because it looks fabulous on the mannequin. Help your daughter to understand that she should wear something that truly makes her look adorable, a dress that suits her, not the model in the boutique window or in the magazine.

Choosing colors

Once the theme of the party has been decided, it may be that costumes, or clothing in a particular color, are in order. A "Pretty In Pink" theme obviously requires a pink dress, as a "Lady In Red" party calls for a red one. Otherwise, simply coordinating the decorations such as tablecloths and bouquets of flowers with the guest of honor's dress are pretty much essential. Sweet sixteen dresses should be in a color that makes sense for the rest of the festivities, but the color should also be flattering.


If your daughter has a longstanding wishlist of sweet sixteen dresses, take the time to discuss it with her and try to accommodate what she's hoping to wear. Turning sixteen happens once in a lifetime and finding the right dress is almost as important as choosing a wedding gown. If you can't afford the prices of the designer dresses she longs for, take a picture of her favorite one along to a dressmaker and have a copycat version made for a fraction of the price. Or, adapt the budget to include the dress she wants but spend less on jewelry, shoes and accessories.

Sweet sixteen dresses are important to young ladies, as they want to look their best on such a significant birthday. They want to show friends and family that they are growing up and not playing dress-ups anymore. Treat your daughter to professionally applied makeup and a beautiful upstyle for her hair and you'll see that the smile doesn't leave her face for days! Not only is she turning sixteen, but she'll be every inch the radiant princess.

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