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Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen is a traditional birthday party for girls to have when they turn sixteen years old. In parts of the United States and Canada, sixteen is the age at which one may obtain a driver's license. It is also the age of consent in many states, hence it is viewed by many adolescents as an important milestone.

The term can also be derived to mean turning 16 without having been kissed.

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Sweet Sixteen Favor

Personalized Sweet Sixteen Favor Ideas

There'll be no doubting whose party it is!

Sweet sixteen favor items don't have to be ordinary. One of the best ways to really add pizzazz to a party is to personalize it; it's the surest way to stand out from the crowd. When a girl is turning sixteen, so are most of her friends, so having lots of things personalized means she gets to add her individual stamp to the celebration. From the start of the festivities - the announcements and invitations - her name can be her own brand and she can really market herself as the star attraction! This is a young lady on the threshold of adulthood and her sweet sixteen favor items should reflect that.

Whether the budget is small or large, creating a fabulous birthday party is easy. It's all about attention to detail. Enlist help from the whole family to make the event one to remember. Whoever is expert at using the computer can be put to task to design printable stationery such as the invitations, placecards, and thank you notes. Rather than buying these items ready-made, it's so fun to brainstorm around a party theme and make customized sweet sixteen party favors that can be cherished for decades to come.

If there are members of the family who are known for their eye for color and their talent for decorating, assign them to decorations duty. They will be wonderful at knowing how to arrange and dress the tables, which napkins to put with which tablecloths, what kind of background to design and how everything should tie in. They will also be the ones to consult about the types of sweet sixteen party favors that will be appropriate for the theme. Be sure to let them know that having things personalized with the birthday girl's name is actually a part of the theme itself and they will take that on board. Perhaps they might make the young lady's initials an important focal point of the decorations. They can also discuss with her about her favorite colors, celebrities, foods and other elements, to determine the look and feel of the party. If she loves cookies, they could use a basket of chocolate chip or butterscotch cookies as a centerpiece instead of flowers. If she is passionate about dancing, there could be a glitter ball spinning from the ceiling. It's all about digging into her personality and coming up with clever ideas.

There are some really cute sweet sixteen party favors that you can have personalized, either at the printer's, by friends or family or by the companies that produce the favors. Here are some examples:

* candy bar wrappers
* individual chocolates
* picture frames
* champagne (or non-alcoholic grape juice) labels
* colorful banners emblazoned with "16" and the birthday girl's name
* balloons
* glassware
* drink coasters
* match books
* napkins
* beach balls

Planning a sixteenth birthday party may seem a lot like planning a wedding with all the special little extras you need to provide. But in some ways, it's a lot more fun because you get to add glitter and fun and excitement of a different kind. Make sure the sweet sixteen party favors are suitable to the age group of the guests and keep everything fun and light hearted. Personalizing it all will guarantee that the birthday girl has the time of her life and it will truly be her special day. Even the most dedicated tomboy will feel like Cinderella at the ball!

Article Source: Personalized Sweet Sixteen Favor Items

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