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The centerpiece of contemporary Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada is a large meal, starring a large roasted turkey. All of the dishes in a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner are made from foods native to North America, the Pilgrims having received these foods from the Indians.

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Thanksgiving Crafts

Cornucopia Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Day

By Candee Stark

As we enter into the month of November my thoughts turn towards Thanksgiving and everything that this wonderful holiday has to offer.

It is a time for spending time with family and friends and for counting the many blessings the past year has brought to us. Like most people I like to decorate for the holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, wheat, fruits, nuts, and anything that symbolizes a bountiful harvest are at the top of the list for things I like to include in my decorating scheme. The best way to incorporate all of these items it to design a cornucopia centerpiece for Thanksgiving Day.

What is a cornucopia?

Cornucopia is a Latin term derived from two words, cornu meaning horn and copia meaning plenty. The horn of plenty, as it is also known, is shaped like a horn or cone. It is usually shown overflowing with nuts and fruit.

(Freeman, Morton, S. The Story behind the Words. Philadelphia: Isis Press, 1985)

This everlasting symbol of abundance is easy to create and will become another important tradition you will want to share with your family each year.

Cornucopia Centerpiece


  • cone-shaped, store bought cornucopia basket
  • assortment of fall fruits and vegetables (small pumpkins, apples, gourds, Indian corn, nuts, and berries)
  • dried leaves, wheat, and other natural fillers
  • newspaper
  • raffia
  • thin sheet of plastic or plastic tray (to protect table)

1. Stuff newspaper into cornucopia basket (less harvest items will be needed with the appearance of more!)

2. Cover newspaper with a thin layer of raffia or other natural fillers.

3. Place basket on plastic

4. Place larger fruits and vegetables in basket.

5. Continue adding smaller itemsallow them to spill out on the plastic (Remember, bountiful harvest!)

6. Fill in small places with berries and nuts.

7. Use leaves and other natural items to fill in the spaces; make sure protective plastic is totally covered.

About The Author

Candee Stark

Happy Thanksgiving! Please visit me at if you would like to see a picture of the cornucopia I created or you would like to read about other decorating or garden ideas.

Article Source:

Create A Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece With Flowers

By Angela Tyler

Every Thanksgiving table should include a centerpiece to add to the festive feel of your dinner. It's quick and easy to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece from fall flowers, pumpkins, gourds, and greenery. You can create a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece in very little time and for very little money.


Here is a simple centerpiece that you can arrange on a tray or platter in just a few minutes: You will need a small potted ivy or mum, a few small gourds or pumpkins, several miniature pumpkins, a few apples, and some fresh or dried greenery such as moss, leaves, or parsley, and of course the platter or tray in which you will place your arrangement.

Place the mum or ivy on one side of the platter and place a gourd and two small pumpkins next to the plant. Make sure you water the plant, but sparingly so as not to overrun or spill the water onto the other items on the platter. Arrange the miniature pumpkins around the platter and place the apples randomly to give a splash of color. Use small apples of both red and green colors. Place the leaves and/or greenery between the apples, gourds, and pumpkins. This makes a wonderful centerpiece that will make your Thanksgiving table a thing of beauty.


To make a Thanksgiving centerpiece that includes all the symbols of fall, you will need the following:

- a small glass tumbler

- one very small pumpkin that has had the top cut off and the insides scooped out

- six or more small gourds

- a few dried leaves (preferably in various colors)

- a dozen or more fall flowers such as mums

- a cup of fresh or dried cranberries

- shallow glass bowl

After you have gathered your supplies, place the tumbler inside the pumpkin and fill it halfway with water.

Arrange the flowers in the tumbler and place the pumpkin in the glass bowl. Place the bowl containing the pumpkin and the flowers on a cutting board or large glass plate on the table. Arrange the leaves, gourds, and cranberries in a random fashion around the pumpkin. Add a few small candles if you wish. You will have a beautiful centerpiece in just a few minutes of your time.


Create another easy centerpiece with only a clear glass vase (any size you desire), two pounds of fresh or dried cranberries, and a large bunch of pink or white carnations. Cut the carnation stems so that the flowers will be just above the top of the vase and remove any leaves. Place the carnations inside the vase and pull the flowers away from the edge. Drop the cranberries into the vase and then fill with water. This is a very easy and inexpensive centerpiece that will look beautiful on your table.

It is quite easy to make a memorable centerpiece with very little time and money. Use your imagination and add lots of colors and textures to create a centerpiece that will create the perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere.

About the Author: Visit for free information to help battle clutter and disorganization. And, if you like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, visit


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