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Find that perfect wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding favor, wedding flower, or a wedding photographer at Wedding Celebration!
Weddings are special to everyone. Make your wedding plans come true with a variety of wedding accessories and decorations available at Wedding celebration. Find wedding ring and wedding band sets, wedding flower arrangement ideas and wedding flower designers, wedding decoration themes, wedding dress and wedding gown styles, wedding cake designs, wedding songs and wedding music selections, wedding poems, wedding invitation tips, wedding favor and wedding gift ideas, and even how to choose a wedding planner and a wedding photographer. Don't forget to check out how you can have a Las Vegas wedding!

Wedding Flower

Wedding flowers or herbs have been used in weddings since the beginning of time as a way of showing love and well wishes to everyone. The actual first recorded use of wedding flowers dates back to the ancient Greeks. Flowers and plants were used to make a crown for the bride to wear and were considered a gift of nature. Bridesmaids would make the wedding flower designs including garlands, bridal bouquet and boutonniere. Often, the bridesmaids would make poesies for each guest to wear as a symbol of thanks.

As time passed wedding flowers and their meaning have stayed the same. Although the herbs have lost their place in modern North American weddings, some cultures and religions still intertwine herbs with their wedding flowers in order to celebrate the marriage with a gift from nature.

Before the Wedding Flowers

The bridal bouquet was formed from garland and wreaths worn around the heads of both the groom and bride. The garland was considered a symbol of love and happiness. A bridal bouquet and the wreaths were originally made of herbs and bulbs of garlic. It was said that the herbs and garlic had a magical power to ward off any evil spirits that may plague their future. Different herbs had different meanings. Dill is the herb of lust. When carried with the garlic down the aisle the bride would lust only for her husband. Sage is the herb for wisdom. When carried with the garlic it is said that the bride would gather great wisdom and learn goodness.

Different Uses for Wedding Flowers

Back when herbs where still used in weddings, a kissing knot was made with rosemary and roses tied together. The kissing knot was suspended over the heads of that bride and groom over the head table at the reception where the bridal party was sitting. This was said to bring good luck and lots of love to the couple and everyone sitting at the table. Small flower nosegays were placed beside every plate of the guests in attendance at the reception. The flowers left for the guests were chosen for the guests to ensure them happiness and long lives.

Countries and Wedding Flowers

In some countries, the history and function of wedding flowers have been kept alive in each culture, and many practices are still used today. In Germany, the bride and groom would hold candles with flowers and ribbons tied to them during the ceremony. In India, the groom’s brother would sprinkle wedding flower petals over the bride and groom at the end of the nuptial rites to help ward of any evil spirits. In Sweden, the bridesmaids would carry little bouquets of aromatic herbs and the groom would carry thyme in his pockets as they walked down the aisle to scare off any trolls. In Austria, the brides would crown their veils with the flowers of life. In England, the bride and her bridesmaids would walk to the church together. A small girl would lead them to the church while sprinkling flower blossoms along the path so the bride will have a life filled with flowers and happiness. This tradition is continued today wedding flower girls.

Wedding flowers have always been an important element to nuptial customs. Different times and different countries used flowers in their wedding ceremonies for different reasons, but the use of wedding flowers remains an important aspect to weddings.

Choosing the Wedding Flower Designer

Choosing a wedding flower designer is a relatively easy task to handle, and it's a good thing too! Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. A bride without a bouquet is like peanut butter without jelly, it works, but something is missing. Wedding flowers also add beauty to the ceremony and reception areas.

There are many wedding flower designers everywhere, but how do you know which one has your best interests at heart? Read on for some tips on choosing a wedding flower designer.

Visit a Local Wedding Flower Designer

Hopefully your church and reception location aren’t far apart from each other. This will come in handy when choosing a wedding flower designer. Your best bet is to go with one that is local to the wedding and reception areas to cut down on costly delivery fees. The quicker your flowers reach their destination the fresher they will be.

Choosing a Wedding Flower Designer: First Things First

Before choosing a wedding flower designer, several decisions should have been made. You should already know the type of wedding and reception you have planned and their locations should already be booked. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding the bride will want a small bouquet to go with her more informal beach wedding dress.

You should also know what color table linens will be used at the reception and what color dresses the bridal party will be wearing. This information is important when comparison shopping since you want to choose wedding flowers to match the décor.

It’s probably a good idea to first heck with your banquet manager to see if wedding flowers for the reception are included in your catering package. If they are, and this is acceptable to you, you’ll only need to discuss ceremonial flowers and bouquets.

A wedding flower designer who is armed with this information can give you a more accurate quote.

Wedding Flower Packages

The sizes and shapes will vary, but you will want to find wedding flower packages that include the following:

  • Brides bouquet
  • Bridesmaid’s bouquets
  • Corsages for moms, grandmothers and other special women
  • Boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and fathers of the bride and groom
  • Wedding flower arrangements for the church
  • Centerpieces for the reception

These are the basics for wedding flower decorations and accessories. A more elaborate ceremony will call for more elaborate wedding flowers. For instance, will you need a flower girl basket? Will a small bridal bouquet for “tossing” be required? If you’re getting married under a gazebo, trellis or canopy, will these have to be adorned with wedding flowers? Extras such as these are sure to add to the cost.

Comparison Shop Wedding Flower Services

Like all other aspects of your wedding, you’ll want to comparison shop to get the best value for your money. Visit with different wedding flower designers and describe what you’d like for your wedding. They’ll probably have several books for you to look through to choose the wedding flowers and centerpieces that compliment the ceremony and reception venues. Keep in mind that flowers are seasonal. To save money, go with blooms that are in season. If they’re out of season, make sure they won’t cost much money to bring in from other parts of the country. Exotic flowers are sure to be more expensive as wedding flowers.

In your quest for the perfect wedding flowers, don’t discount the neighborhood flower designer. He might not advertise as a wedding flower designer, but he probably knows what he’s doing. Even better, he probably charges less than the one at the wedding super center. The service is sure to be more personalized and he’ll have more time to sit with you and find wedding flowers to suit your needs.

Putting Your Wedding Flower Decorations and Accessories Together

Once you’ve visited several flower shops, browsed their books and received their quotes, it’s time for you to begin choosing a wedding flower designer. Do you want to go with the wedding flower designer who charges the lowest fee or the wedding flower designer with the prettiest floral arrangements? Do you want personalized service, or a limited package provided by the wedding super center or catering hall? Whatever you do, don’t settle for the cheapest price if the package doesn’t feel right to you. It is, after all, the most important day of your life.

History of Wedding Flowers

Choosing a Wedding Flower Designer (Wedding Florist)

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